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新加坡华助会30周年暨总部开放日——J.O.E 在行动


作为华助会合作伙伴,J.O.E 环保联盟在开放日当天,手工编织环保袋教学,积极向民众推广环保理念,带领大家实践环保。得到李显龙总理、华助会主席王乙康部长的支持和鼓励!

Congratulations to CDAC on the successful celebration of its 30th anniversary and Headquarters Open House 2022!

As a partner of CDAC, J.O.E Environmental Protection Alliance taught hand-woven eco-bags on the event to actively promoted the concept of environmental protection to the public, and led everyone to understand the importance of environmental protection. With the support and encouragement of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Ong Ye Kung, Chairman of CDAC.

We would carry on the mission in promoting environmental protection regardless of religion , race , or age. Let us work together to protect our homeland!

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