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A promise to earth, let us all join our hands, a single spark can start a prairie fire!

— Mr Xiaochuan Shu, Chairman of J.O.E

Clock is ticking, mankind is facing critical environmental challenges that is worsening day by day. To name a few, climate change, damage to the ozone layer, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, sea level rise and the list goes on. Human consumption of renewable resources have exceeded the natural rate of regeneration and yet, we persistently polluting the environment through our own actions. Our living space is facing unprecedented threats due to our immense greed and selfishness.

J.O.E. Eco Alliance was founded with a simple vision to heal and restore our living space, so that we and our future generations could once again, inhabit on earth with clean air and pure water.

Serious environmental degradation during the industrial revolution, from 1920s to the 1950s, had threatened billions of lives even up to date. Take the UK as an example, large-scale environmental pollution led to the emergence of vector borne diseases and public hazards, affected the eco space of UK and other countries in the region, resulting in devastating ramification.

Realising the threat, the UK government had stepped up quickly to control and reverse the deterioration through legislative means. Their action was so successful that the environment has been almost restored to pre-industrial level and UK aims to become a leading sustainable nation with low carbon footprint by the year 2050.

J.O.E Eco Alliance believes that having strong awareness of our environment is the foundation to a sustainable society.

In Singapore, J.O.E is actively promoting sustainable and simple lifestyle in a holistic approach, that includes the teaching of scientific and effective methods, organising hands-on activities, hosting events and exhibitions.

Our vision could only be achieved when everyone in Singapore, especially the youth and those in the workforce, develops a strong sense of collective environmental awareness and inspires others around, through his determination.

The threat is real and imminent. For our children and our home, let us all come together, take action, call for legislation and be a leader to protect our mother earth.


A promise to earth, let us all join our hands, a single spark can start a prairie fire!

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