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可持续资源法案 Resource Sustainability Bill

《可持续资源法案》法案明确减少电子、食物和包装垃圾三大垃圾源。The 'Resource Sustainability Bill' introduces regulations to tackle e-waste, food waste and packaging waste and promotes circular economy.

2019年9月4日《可持续资源法案》生效 该法案明确减少电子、食物和包装垃圾三大垃圾源
The ‘Resource Sustainability Bill’ aims to promote circular economy by introducing regulations to tackle e-waste, food waste and packaging waste.

电子垃圾 e-Waste

  • 到2021年推行“制造商责任延伸”(Extended Producer Responsibility) 监管模式,规定电机和电子产品生产商,必须将电子垃圾,送往持执照的环保业者进行妥善处理
  • 零售商须为消费者提供一对一回收服务,例如购买新冰箱,零售商需要免费回收原有冰箱
  • 规定在大型零售店内提供电子垃圾收集处。如要丢弃电子垃圾,必须把垃圾交给参与“制造商责任计划” (Producer Responsibility Scheme) 的从业者来处理

From 2021, extended producer responsibility will be enforced and hold retailers and producers accountable for the waste they produce. Retailers have to offer 1-for-1 collection of unwanted electronic products. Producers who joins the Producer Responsibility Scheme needs to provide e-waste collection points in public, collect and send the e-waste for treatments at authorised recycler.

厨余分类 Food waste


Large commercial and industrial generators of food waste are required to treat the food waste from 2024 on.

包装垃圾 Packaging waste


2020 onwards, producers of specific packaging that have an annual turnover of over S$10 million, are required to report data on packaging and the first report has to be delivered by year 2021.

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