The Straits Times climate change stories featured in year-long exhibition


展览系列分成六个项目,以不同的可持续发展主题切入。首先推出的项目名为“What A Waste!”(意思是“真浪费”),于本月7日至28日在滨海堤坝的新加坡资源永续展览馆(Sustainable Singapore Gallery)举行,对外开放,入场免费。

新加坡报业控股基金会(SPH Foundation)日前发出文告宣布此消息。

这个展览系列将为该基金会与社会企业Terra SG合作的教育外展计划掀开序幕。





报业控股基金会和Terra SG外展计划中的另一项目是学前可持续性计划。



A year-long exhibition on climate change and its wide-ranging impact on life in general was launched on Monday (Sept 7) by the Singapore Press Holdings Foundation (SPH Foundation).

Admission is free to the exhibition in the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage. It will showcase news stories and features by The Straits Times Climate Change team.

The six-part series, called National Engagement With Sustainability (N.E.W.S.), kicks off with stories, photos and artworks that explain the impact of global waste and the importance of proper waste management and recycling.

Each of the six-part series will run for two to three weeks.

The first, entitled “What a Waste!”, will run till Sept 28. Visitors will be able to find out more about e-waste recycling, for instance.

The other five parts will cover issues such as food and water security, biodiversity and illegal wildlife trade, how climate change affects health, global warming and natural disasters, and ground-up initiatives by climate advocates.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, those unable to visit the exhibition in person can view it online at

The series was created by the SPH Foundation in collaboration with the Sustainable Singapore Gallery and environmental social enterprise Terra SG.

The foundation is also working with Terra SG to reach out to 20 pre-schools to educate children about sustainability through activities such as storytelling and upcycling craft workshops. This initiative will start later this year.

“The students pay it forward with the knowledge they have gained through becoming Young Green Champions to spread the word,” a statement from the SPH Foundation said on Monday.

WHAT: Exhibition entitled “What a Waste!”

WHERE: Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage and

WHEN: From Sept 7 to Sept 28

OPENING HOURS: 9am to 6pm (Monday-Sunday)


Source: Zaobao / Straits Times

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