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LOVE 聚爱 · 希望 HOPE​

26 April 2020 - 23 May 2020

In the race against coronavirus, not all of us are well-equipped and prepared.

We could not bear to leave the underprivileged behind, overlooking their basic needs. Unexpectedly, there is also a rising number of people seeking for help as their livelihood has been badly affected due to loss of income.

It is a blessing that a group of volunteers from Food Bank and their partners has been working tirelessly to support their ‘FEED THE CITY’ initiative, preparing and delivering meals to children, senior citizens, the migrant workers who helped to transform our city, and our fellow friends who are seeking for interim help. This good deed is happening every day, against all odds, when most of us are staying in the comfort and safely of our own homes.

A balanced and healthy diet could help to strengthen our immunity and resistance against the virus. J.O.E strongly encourages daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetable to meet our essential nutritional needs while helping to mitigate the impact of climate change.

We can also step up our support for the initiative, by providing an enhanced meal with fresh produce for the needy.

J.O.E is calling for your kind donation. The proceeds will be used to purchase fruits and vegetable and incorporating them in the daily meals distributed.

Every dollar of your kindness can provide fresh goodness and vital nutrients in 2 daily meals for up to 5 individuals.

Thank you for joining us, your gesture and contribution goes a long way.

新型冠状病毒的爆发影响着每一个人的生活。特别是对于那些低收入群体来说,生活更是陷入了前所未有的困境。幸运的是,食物银行的志愿者和社会许多善心人士们,一直不遗余力地推行‘FEED THE CITY’活动。为孩子、老年人、客工群体提供健康、营养丰富的膳食。

J.O.E 坚信蔬食对于环境和健康的重要意义。特别是在疫情期间,日常果蔬的摄入尤为重要。为了同Food Bank一起,帮助弱势群体渡过疫情难关,提供他们丰富多样的果蔬,增强自身免疫力。J.O.E 邀请您的加入,献上一份爱心,为他们慷慨解囊,购买水果和蔬菜。





26 April 2020
23 May 2020
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J.O.E Eco Alliance